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Stop Smoking Edinburgh

Welcome to Stop Smoking Edinburgh by The MacArthur Practice, Edinburgh’s premier Stop Smoking and Addiction clinic.

Using a proven combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Addiction Counselling and Nutrition we deal with your Nicotine or Cannabis addiction on all fronts ensuring you stay stopped for good. With over 15 years frontline experience of working in the field of Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy, at Stop Smoking Edinburgh we know exactly what is causing you to be addicted and how to deal with this effectively and safely. Also, we treat every client as an Individual as we all have our own personal reasons for smoking. This is how we achieve a very high rate of success in keeping our clients stopped for good.

What really makes Stop Smoking Edinburgh unique in Scotland is that we have been personally trained, and mentored, by the UK’s top therapist Cathy Simmons, who runs the number one Smoking Cessation Clinic in Harley Street, London. We are fully licensed to treat our clients’ with the Simmon’s Method which utilises the most cutting edge techniques in the field of Smoking Cessation available in the UK today here at The MacArthur Practice in Edinburgh.

The Simmon’s Method gets results as it’s based on a unique combination of Neuro Science , Hypnotherapy and Nutrition.

If you are ready to stop smoking for good, take the first step and book an Initial no obligation phone consult to find out if we can help you quit Nicotine or Cannabis. It could save your life.

One hour of your time is worth it’s weight in gold ! I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future and thank you for all your hard work .

Thomas Hywood, Edinburgh

When you’re really ready to stop like I was after 40 years plus years smoking call Andy MacArthur for help

Gail Scott, Edinburgh
I saw a number of specialists however none of them came close to helping me in the way Andy has, nor with such astonishing results. Andy is an inspiration and I will be forever in his debt .
Micheal Gersternberger, Midlothian