Stop Smoking Edinburgh with Andy MacArthur

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Do you want to stop smoking ?
Quickly, easy, completely ?
Forever ?

 * No Mood Swings
 * No Cravings
 * No Weight Gain
 * Remove the desire to smoke.
 * Break The Habit
 * No Will Power


You will stop smoking fast and completely in just ONE sesssion

There is a solution...HYPNOSIS, the most effective way to stop completely ...for good !


Andy MacArthur is a highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has world class training behind him. He has made it his passion finding out the most effective smoking cessation techniques out there in the market today.His Stop Smoking Easily programme is the culmination of this.


As well as being a great Hypnotist ,Andy is also an Addiction Specialist and with this in mind his approach is unique and highly effective. Right away he will show you how easy it is to stop, a powerful convincer that your sesion will work.


We will also teach you easy-to-use techniques you can do at home and work, to make sure you stay stopped and remain a non-smoker, for good. We will show you craving busters, breathing techniques and self-hypnosis. All this will make sure you stay stopped.


* We break your habit on all fronts.

* We use cutting edge techniques such as New code NLP, Integral eye movement therapy, rapid hypnotherapy and nutrition.

* You will stop smoking fast, completely  with no will power, pain , weight gain...

* All in just one two hour session.

* It is fast, easy and lasting.

No will power required.. Just an intention to stop smoking and your undivided attention for the duration of the session.


Andy MacArthur is additionally fully trained in the Rob Kelly stop smoking easily method which already has over a 92% success rate. You can learn more about this here...


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I truly believe that Andy and his hypnotherapy, encouragement and proffesional care, have changed my life. Thank you Andy, I feel fantastic.
Karen xx

I decided to try hypnotherapy and Andy was recommended to me, so I thought, why not.I honestly cannot believe how easy it was / is and feel I am growing in confidence on a daily basis! Thanks again Andy, I definately owe you big time.

Andy thank you SO much for this morning you really helped me put things in perspective:-) I've had a little chat with my body who has told me (surprise surprise) that it's nice to be listened to :-) you're a complete star and I'm so glad we are friends - will contact you re lunch and photos just as soon as festival madness calms down xxx
thanks again m xxx